It begins with a dream, and a sweet tooth. Coming from the land of sweets – Kolkata – Monami Dutta has travelled around the world, leaving behind the memories of her culinary skills with people more than we can count. She has recreated the taste of Kolkata’s Rosogollas, Sandesh, and of course, the most popular Payesh. (We are drooling here, just so you know.)

Having lived in Delhi for almost two decades now, she decided to start Mona Sweets to bring the delicacy of Bengali sweets to not only the city, but right to your homes! The kitchen is set, and all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth is to hit us up on

We bring Kolkata’s authentic taste to NCR, with a variety of homemade sweets, delivered to your doorstep. Give us a call, and we assure you that your sweet cravings would have finally found a home.